Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sonia find me at Forever Always Online

Introduce yourself she says..... so.....

Hi I am Sonia from Forever Always Online

Brave/silly ....me.....????
or just plain crazy!!!!

So let's start here. I have run17 retreats to be exact, and helping Chooky with Scrub Stitchin really came out of left of field, but I am so glad it did. 
My last retreat was back in July 2012, where I combined my love of papercraft with my passion of stitching. My life was just crazy, and family and my health came first. I was nudged into running a couple of sleepover event at my home in Seaforth, but that was it, I wasn't going to run anymore I was going to enjoy some just for fun for me.
Which is why I Love Girls Day in the Country (GDITC) in Nundle and Bloggers in Bathurst over the years since then, just being a participant in a great weekend away.
SOOOOOO,  after missing the very last GDITC in Nundle I was devastated so much so That when Chooky suggested that we organise something, and that she had a venue in mind, I did think oh my what am I doing. But, I am glad we did it when we did. We both jumped in with 4 very big feet, organising almost every detail in a very short time.

SCRUB STITCHIN' 2018 was born.

Lucky for us we were so excited/organised, as the past 10 months have been super crazy for both us. 33 of you are going to benefit from this crazy decision. But I am sure we will all have an amazing time.

Personally, I sold our home in Seaforth in 6 short weeks later in September and moved to 2 Fig and Pines, a 100 acre homestead in Brombin on the Mid North Coast. WOW what a change. 

My feet haven't really touched the ground. Most days at the moment one or two of us can be found tag teaming on a ride on mower trying to keep on top of the 25 acres of paddocks. the remaining 75 acres is wonderful bushland. As well as working on the renovations that need to be done to make this homestead our forever home.

So this weekend, I plan on doing lots of catching up on both my stitching and my friendships. I will be bringing my Lucy - which I can blame on Chooky for its passion/addiction of paper piecing. I will also bring my Down the Rabbit Hole which I fell in love with thanks to Deb.

I will also be lucky enough that my Daughter will be my travelling buddy. For us this will be special, as she was involved with all 17 of my previous retreats. So for me this is extra special to share some relaxing time stitching with her. Bianca prefers to embroider, and is still very scared of anything sewing machine related.

I also run a little home business where my hubby and I create and design items with a vintage flair. From New and reclaimed materials we produce a wide range of gifts and homewares. I will be bringing a little sample of things with me... so if there is something that you are wanting or like the look of please comment, so I can be sure to pack just what you want to see or purchase.

Well that's me and Bianca.... tag your it... jump in and introduce yourself.

And if you happen to pop over to my blog... it is getting some updating... see Chooky, I am trying to work both sides of the dark dividing line.


Jenny said...

Lovely Story Sonia glad you are bringing Bianca

Chookyblue...... said...

So when I was talking to Sonia about this idea I did not realise she had run retreats before or even that she had given up doing them forever........ But she has been a great help and we have had so much fun organising everyone. Lucky all plans were in place within the first month or so as both our lives went into chaos..... Can't wait to catch up it had been way to long.......

Show and Tell said...

Hi Sonia, it will be nice to meet your lovely Bianca this trip, see you both soon xx

Fairy Floss Stitches said...

well done on a lovely intro!..(put the pressure on)..So glad Bianca is coming with you. I'm sure she's a chip off the block and is a very creative sole. see you soon Xx

Sonia said...

Looking forward to it, can't wait, Bianca is excited too.

And yes Chooky with so many visits in the first few months last year, I am missing my chooky love.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Wow....I didn't know that either....glad your dot-daught is coming as well, will be good to catch up and hug as well.....xxx

Chookyblue...... said...

Better plan another trip to the Chookshed Miss Son.........I'm sure the two Brians need to cheeky time together........or maybe safer not to on second thoughts........
Any looking for to seeing Miss Bianca also.......

(can you tell I am back on my computer instead of the phone.....happy days........ )