Sunday, April 7, 2019

Baradine CWA Drought Aid Pantry request for Helpl.

Hi ladies, hope you're all happily packing away for our fun adventure next weekend.

I am just putting my CWA Wauchope hat on - Some of you who are friends with me on facebook will have seen that over the last month I have been raising awareness via the CWA for the
 Baradine CWA Drought Aid Pantry. 
I am coming laden with donations... but thought that some of you may like to help us out....

You have two hands.
One to help yourself,
the second for helping others.
We the CWA Wauchope Branch, want to lend our local hands to help support
CWA Baradine branch Drought Aid Pantry so we can support their local
farmers through this horrendous drought!
Supplies are low again. Donations quickly run out when we have hundreds of people being fed from them each week.
Please help the Baradine CWA Drought Aid Pantry - their community needs us!
Here are some suggestions of donations.
What They Need:
• Cash – for the local drinking WATER - large
• Canned meals/food (no baked beans or bean
mixes please)
• Canned fruits - beetroot, pineapple, peaches,
pears, two fruits, etc.
• Instant meals - two-minute noodles, packet
pastas, ready meals, meal sauces in jars, etc.
• Pasta, rice, noodles
• Sauces - tomato & BBQ
• Cooking oil
• Drinks - juices, cordial
• Tea & coffee
• Long-life milk
• Condiments - mayo, salad dressings, relishes,
• School snacks/lunch box snacks
• Biscuits
• Breakfast cereals (no Weetbix we have plenty)
• Breakfast spreads - jams, spreads, etc.
• Baking goods - sugar, flour, packet cakes,
bread mixes, etc.
• Foil, gladwrap, etc.
• Household cleaning goods for kitchen, laundry
and bathroom
• Toilet paper, tissues, paper towel
• Antibacterial hand wipes or cleaning wipes
• Pet food
• Men's care items - razors, shaving cream,
deodorant, etc.
• Ladies care items - shampoo, conditioners,
hand creams and pampering items
• Soap/body wash
OR anything else you can think of. It will all be greatly appreciated!
Things we DON'T need:
- Lady sanitary items
- toothbrushes & paste
- Baby items

THANK YOU❤️in advance on Behalf of the CWA Baradine....

If you can fit an extra bag of groceries in, please do and I will take them into the Drought Aid Pantry on Friday. - If you can't fit a bag of groceries in - I know I am struggling for more room... please just help out with a small donation in the jar that will be on my table... so that I can help Baradine two fold and support the local businesses by shopping locally before donating to the Baradine CWA Drought Aid Pantry.

#Baradine2396 #BaradineCWA #DroughtSupport #BaradineCWADroughtAidPantry #NoFarmsNoFuture #SaveOurFarmers

As Chooky calls it - CWA Baradine Dark Side Link - just take a look at what this group do!!!


Sonia said...


Chookyblue...... said...

oh its way to scary how much we think of the same things at the same time......i'm a member of Baradine CWA.....check out the dark side i'll get Sonia to add the link.....

To add to this the CWA ladies have been running this since August(?) last year......its run completely by volunteers....they are now open everyday I think but between 10am-1pm. You would be very welcome to call in and see what they are doing there. It consumes there whole hall. Its on the corner of Lachlan and Darling Street. Not hard to find......not hard to find anything in Baradine.
I was going to ask if you could bring a bag of goodies but yes if your pushed for space donate cash or buy some goodies at the local supermarket........
thankyou Sonia

bettsylyn (Lynda) said...

I have some donations and cash from our Sunday Stitchers group.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Will happily give a Cash

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

as well as the grocery thing as well....xx

Sonia said...

Thanks Peg - every little bit counts - I have a jar for donations and will be delivering the groceries on the Friday

Sonia said...

Thanks Lynda