Monday, March 5, 2018

Julie's Quilting Price's

In the comments on my previous post, Susan asked me to publish my Quilting prices. is the way to work out how much it would cost.

QUILTING: As mentioned last post..I only quilt EDGE TO EDGE (same pattern for whole quilt)
POSTAGE: Price includes Australia Post getting you to sign upon delivery, that way the parcel is not left on the doorstep.  When payment shows in my account, I send you a tracking number.  

WADDING: I use 60/40 (60% cotton/40% Polyester) from Victorian Textiles, Melbourne.
Wadding must be AT LEAST 5" larger than quilt top on all 4 sides. 
(so add 10" to both measurements) 
BACKING: I use 100% cotton, sometimes there will be a seam in it, as I don't have a lot of "wide" fabrics. 
 I DO NOT carry any flannel fabric.
Also, (some people shudder when I say this)...I "tear" the fabric, as this makes the fabric DEAD STRAIGHT on the quilting machine.
Again the fabric is to be at least 5" wider on all 4 sides of the quilt top.

So now to the costs......

I work in inches...say your quilt measures : 56" x 72"

QUILTING = 56 x 72 x 0.016 = $64.51.. I then round up to $65 
WADDING = 66 x 82 x 0.006 = $33
BACKING = 66 x 82 x 0.008 = $44

I "try" my hardest to return quilts within a week of receiving them...but this does backfire when I am inundated with a lot of it might be 2 weeks!

Hope that helps...always happy to answer any questions.


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